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Crane Frequency Control ES-FDP-KR85...

or Crane control, Lifting gear control, Travelling gear control

Our current device version: Crane Frequency Control ES-FDP-KR85s

The devices ES-FDP-KR85s differ to the previous version ES-FDP-KR85n mainly by the new front panel with membrane keypad.

The arrangement of the operating elements is slightly different, and with the new ES-FDP-KR85s version, the states of the enable inputs are additionally indicated by LEDs.

The devices are connection- and function-compatible to the previous version ES-FDP-KR85n, all programmable parameters as well as the programming procedure are unchanged.


A special feature of the crane frequency control is the simulation function. With this function, you have the possibility to simulate the rotor voltage in your switchgear with the motor disconnected and thus to test and optimise the entire control system - in a kind of slow motion.


The devices are capable to replace the SIMOMAT® of the company SIEMENS AG (SIMOMAT® = registered trademark of company SIEMENS AG).

Crane Frequency Control ES-FDP-KR85n



Since delivery of our first crane frequency control in autumn 1988 the devices are improved continuously. To this day there is always the possibility of replacing an older equipment with the lowest effort by a current version. These measures serve the crane safety.


This device is capable to replace the canceled equipment SIMOMAT® of the company SIEMENS AG (SIMOMAT® = registered trademark of company SIEMENS AG).


The device can be used to carry out all the usual frequency controlled switching operations of rotor resistors for the lifting gear and also the slewing and travelling gear of cranes. There a 8 switching channels and 5 enable inputs. With the adjustable time delays the control of the motor may be realised time dependent, e. g. if due to high load of the motor the frequency dependent switching of the rotor resistors does not work.


  • Extremely space-saving
  • Easy to programme due to a 2 x 16 characters LC-display with backlight
  • Plain text display, alternatively German or English-language
  • Switching frequencies programmable within the range 0.1 ... 99.9 Hz
  • Protection from unauthorised programming by means of a code plug
  • Light-emitting diodes for the indication of the operating state
  • Double LED-display (red/green) for relay status
  • 8 relay outputs with programmable time delays
  • 5 enable inputs with programmable time delays can be assigned to the relay outputs arbitrarily (exception: two-step mode of operation)
  • Normal or two-step operation programmable
  • Simulation mode for function test (including crane simulation)
  • Galvanically isolated input for rotor voltage (max. 1000 Veff)
  • Open circuit monitoring of input for rotor voltage
  • Fix-programmed relay outputs for safety functions, e.g. 49/51 Hz (option)
  • Flash-EPROM and EEPROM for programmable values (no batteries required), with software write protection for extremely high data safety
  • High noise immunity (watchdog, redundant data storage for automatic error recognition)
  • Service friendly with removable screw-on terminal strips, thus enabling the devices to be changed quickly without the danger of wiring errors

Differences to the predecessor device versions ...KR85l and ...KR85lx

The device version ES-FDP-KR85n is designed with a new, up-to-date microcontroller. The immunity to interference could be increased considerably again through this.

The texts on the display can alternatively be displayed in German or English.

The programming of the display contrast is eliminated because the up-to-date display is readable well from a wide viewing angle.

At programmed window functions the passing through the window will be recognized even if there is no measurement inside the window (example: a measurement above the window, the next below the window, cf. chapter 2.5.5, page 14).

The acknowledgment of error numbers in the display self-test is not made by the key   any more but by pressing the keys and   simultaneously (applies since software version V4.1).

The device offers the following new functions since software version V4.1:

  • The programming of the device can be protected by a password in addition to the code plug.
  • The operating time of the device is recorded and can be read on the display.
  • The number of operating cycles is recorded one by one for every output relay and can be read on the display.

Important Differences to ES-FDP-KR85e

The crane frequency control ES-FDP-KR85n has like the previous version ES-FDP-KR85l a changed terminal assignment to the version ES-FDP-KR85e. This was required for a higher immunity to interferences.


Application Example

Main and auxiliary lifting gear and monitoring with digital crane frequency control ES-FDP-KR85L and AC-current and contact monitoring device ES-USIY314.

Photographic material was kindly made available by the Aktien-Gesellschaft der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Dillingen, Germany.