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Solenoid valve driver ES-ITD, actuation and diagnostics for switching solenoid valves

or current driver, DC relay, DC load relay

Your benefit

  • Reduced costs through predictive maintenance
  • Diagnostics without other sensors, e.g. of the working end position, activation time, armature sticking, short circuit and undervoltage monitoring
  • 2-pole electrical isolation in the event of a short circuit
  • Open-circuit and short-circuit detection at the load, even when not activated
  • Fast reaction time, thus high control frequency possible
  • Overvoltage limiting during switch-off of the valves increases the life time of the power supply units
  • Temperature reduction at the solenoid valves, thus longer life time
  • Smaller power supplies due to reduced power requirements
  • Suitable for use in IT distribution systems
  • Small, space-saving design
  • User-friendly plain text display, 4 lines with 8 characters each, choise of display language
  • Increased ease of service when using the version with plug-in terminals
  • Galvanically isolated signal outputs for actuated valve, warnings and errors
  • Switching cycle counter for the load
  • Operating hours counter


The current driver ES-ITD is used for the actuation of solenoid valves and lifting magnets. A small plain text display simplifies commissioning and error detection.


After turning on the load the current is reduced to the holding current (approximately 60% of the rated current). Due to the low holding current there is a significant reduction in temperature and thus a longer service life of the solenoid.


Short circuit as well as breakage in the supply line to the solenoid are detected without actuation of the load. Also, a too low supply voltage leads to a message. Warning and error messages are indicated by a yellow or red LED and a plain text display. They can be indicated, isolated on transistor outputs, to a higher-level control, e.g. a PLC.


Additionally the correct armature movement is monitored and e.g. a stuck armature is reported as an error. Even if the working end position of the armature is not achieved or the armature requires a greatly increased switching time, this is reported as an error.


As of the hardware version F 1.00 the devices are also suitable for operation in IT distribution systems.



  • Rated supply voltage 24V … 48V DC (-5% / +25%)
  • Rated load current 0,05A…3A DC
  • To drive solenoid switch valves, not for proportional valves
  • Suitable for use in IT distribution systems
  • After the load has been switched on, power is reduced to a configurable holding value
  • Cable break and short-circuit monitoring at load output, in both actuated and unactuated state
  • Solenoid valve diagnostics with no other sensors, e.g. end position, activation time and armature sticking
  • Galvanically isolated indicator outputs for actuated load, warnings and errors
  • Switching-cycle counter for load
  • Operating-hour counter for the ES-ITD and for the actuated load
  • Small plain-text display, 4 lines of 8 characters, selection of display language
  • Device measurements max. 111,4 x 22,5 x 124,5mm3, Mounting on IEC/EN 60 715 top-hat rail


Operating manual

  • BA_ITD-V2.41_EN.pdf Version 2.41 (for devices with software-version 2.42 to 2.49 and hardware-version F 1.10 to F 1.19 and G 1.00 to G1.09) 5 MB
  • BA_ITD-V2.10_EN.pdf Version 2.10 (for devices with software-versions 2.10 to 2.19 and hardware-versions F 1.00 to F 1.09) 1 MB