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New Device! Drive Monitor ES-FDP-AW1

The drive monitor ES-FDP-AW1 contains all functions of the synchronisation monitor ES-SVGL2, as well as many additional monitoring functions. All values are freely programmable.

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Synchronisation Monitor ES-SVGL2

or Synchronisation relay, Synchronisation sensor, Drive synchronisation

This device monitors two movements, e. g. of two drums, on synchronisation. The movements are converted by two incremental encoders (or proximity switches) to pulses, which difference is computed ongoingly. It also provides the supply of the rotary sensors and a debouncing of the sensor pulses. Each sensor is monitored for a possible short-circuit or break of the connection lines.


There are two limit values for the measured difference of the pulses programmable at the factory. The relays assigned to each limit value will switch to their normal state if the measured difference is rising above the associated limiting value.

The limit values must be selected in such a way that play and vibrations in the drives do not cause false relay switchings.

An overspeed detection can take place with a post-connected frequency monitor.

Customized Equipment

  • 2 pulse inputs for 2-phase incremental encoder
    or per 2 proximity switches
  • Max. input frequency 1kHz
  • Power supply (max. 100mA per sensor)
    and monitoring of the sensors
  • Measuring principle: Impulse-difference of the two sensors
  • Range of programmable limit values:
    4 to 1008 Impulses, response time 30ms
  • Sensor power supply
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Synchronisation monitoring on the motor side
  • Synchronisation monitoring on the drum side
  • Gear box breakage monitoring
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Stop monitoring
  • Monitoring on unintentional "lowering"